Artistic Background
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  • Residencies
    Throughout my studies and professional career, I've participated in a number of art residencies at I-Park in Connecticut, a virtual residency in Second Life, and a recent project with the Digital Fabrication Laboratory.
  • Early artwork
    While embarking upon my initial public exhibits as a teenager, I developed an interest in creating sequential artistic themes through shows at the Lady Ridley Tree Gallery, Contemporary Arts Forum and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art teen mural project.
  • Exhibitions
    When showcasing my artwork in a variety of museums and galleries, I've been fortunate enough to exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art and at frequent shows in the Bay Area and Central Valley. Additionally, my pieces have been on-display at the New York Hall of Science. 
  • Education
    During my studies at the University of California, I benefitted from an artistically-minded environment in-which to begin working in the graphic design field on archaeological expeditions in Latin America and Southern California. 
Based-on designing customized software in 2018-2019, I've transformed my painterly motifs into seamlessly repeating animal themed designs.